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Numerology, angel therapy, and Vastushastra are predominantly practised by men. Rarely do we see women making swift progress in these fields. However, Dr. Deepa Kamari, a young aspirant, has fought against all odds to carve a name for herself. Dr.Deepa now has a strong grip on tarot cards. Also, she did a Reiki course and developed an understanding of numerology. She was into the spiritual world right when she was young and that is how it all started. She never dreamt of taking up a career in this profession but things fell in place and here she is. The young doctor tried her hand in chartered accountancy as well. But love towards Vastushastra made her take up this course in diploma, which she graduated with 82%, standing second in South Mumbai. Things weren’t this smooth in the early stages of her career as but that showed no effect on her journey. Also destiny’s call for her was different and turn of the event took place in her life when she laid hand on spiritual career which attracted her towards Vastushastra, Tarot cards, Reiki and many more.
She does vastu without demolition and tries her best to eradicate all the problems with the help of prayers and slight changes in life. Also she does is Reiki healing, Pendulum dowsing, Angel therapy, Numerology and Tarot card reading. Please do not contact for any kind of black magic to us as we do not provide such services.

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Dr. Deepa Kamari provides various paid Astrology services like horoscopes, kundali Milan and consultations for better and detailed analysis and much more She is an expert in various services such as Psychic tarot cards reading, VastuShastra, numerology, pendulum dowser, aura cleansing, chakra healing, spiritual advisor, reiki healing, relationship advisor, palmistry, love psychic readings, negative energy removal, etc., Not only ordinary people but high profile and politicians have also availed the benefits of her services and now are leading a happy and prosperous life.
Dr. Deepa Kamari from the years of experience in astrology has become an expert in solving all aspects of life related problems such as property issues, health issues, husband and wife conflicts, relationship problems, education issues, job issues, financial issues, marriage issues, business issues etc. She provides a scientific balance and knowledge to couples who have inhibitions about their future and well-being. She can offer you a wide range of services to choose from depending on your needs and belief. She uses Indian mantras to bring positive changes in people’s minds in the right directions. She has healed thousands of people and with guidance many people have been benefited.